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27 June 2010 @ 03:47 pm
Writer's Block: Planet friendly  
How concerned are you about global warming? Do you believe it's possible to reverse the climate trend?

Well, this pretty much ties in neatly with my last post.
Although I think that the current global warming trend is mostly man-made, that's really not the point. Perhaps it's our fault, perhaps it's some natural occurrence that happens regularly - it doesn't matter.

Most scientists agree that whether climate change will end up warming or cooling the earth significantly, in the long run, we're in deep shit. If the glaciers on Greenland, Alaska and the North Pole melt, we're pretty much screwed. The ocean level will rise significantly, and vast stretches of coastline will be underwater. And not just in places that are below sea level to begin with, like the Netherlands or Bangladesh, we're talking "normal" above-sea-level places. Of course the thing with coastlines is that they're often densely populated. 

My question here is can we really afford to take such risks? I think we should do whatever we can to stop this from happening, whether it's our fault this happened in the first place or not.

Also, hello? Even if global warming is a lie, a silly brain-wank thought up by some out-of-touch scientists with an ivory tower so far up their asses they see danger lurking behind every corner - what is wrong with using less fossil fuels?
  1. If America is not dependent on fossil fuel from overseas, many conflicts in the middle east could be avoided or at least dealt with differently. What do you think is gonna happen now that it turned out Afghanistan is sitting on a shit ton of resources? 
  2. Not only have tons of studies shown it, it is also common sense: fossil fuel deposits are not infinite. At some point they're gonna run out. And we need them not just for transportation - crude oil is even used in medications. So how about we conserve what little we have of the stuff FOR NOT DYING?
  3. Money. Unless you're a Louisiana pelican, oil is not free. So, for the average person, it would make lots of sense to conserve energy just because that means SAVING MONEY, PEOPLE. And I'm not talking giving up oil completely - turns out that refining the lithium used in top-notch batteries that power electric cars etc. IS MUCH MORE HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT THAN OIL. So how about for now we focus on making the good old combustion engine really efficient? I know steps have been taken in this direction, but I don't think they're enough.
So in conclusion: save money. Turn off appliances you don't need, by energy-efficient stuff if possible, save energy. Not for others, not for the planet, but for yourself - saving energy equals saving money. And what's wrong with that?
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