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02 July 2010 @ 05:35 pm
Post-Exam High  
Holy shit, people, I survived! Four exams this week - 2 on Wed, 1 on Thur, and 1 today! Lolol

Things I thought about while taking these exams:
  • There was a question on my exam today: Why is it important to know about the different forms of drama and theater when analysing a drama? Uh... because... otherwise you wouldn't, you know, actually know shit? For serious, what is the answer to this? I was all "well, there are many different forms and they are all relevant LOL LET ME DAZZLE YOU WIT MAH KNOWLEDGE OF THE ARISTOTELIAN UNITY OF TIME, PLACE AND ACTION, BEYATCH!!!1! ALSO, BECKETT!" No, but really, what IS the answer?
  • Sometimes "taco" and "sangria" can actually be answers to srs bsns exam questions.
  • Name some characteristics of Welsh. I was sooo tempted to add a "the" in the question and put "They like sheep?"
  • Why does my mind make me write weird shit on caffeine? I was on a tangent about fucking CHEETOS at one point. AND IT MADE SENSE!
  • John Donne, you are a dirty old fart and I love you!
The other day, I was walking home with a friend, mildly drunk, and we passed by this café that had a painting of a nude woman. I told her, "I'll take my American friend here when she comes to visit and freak her the shit out and be all, look, NEKKID LADIEEES!" (yes, I actually said it spelled like that and in capslock) Just when the last syllable of LADIEEES came out of my mouth, I realized that one of my professors was sitting right there. He winked at us. I pretty much wanted to die, but then I remembered that he writes plays with elaborate stories about nipples in them, so I guess it's all good.
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